24 Aug 2007

EMS at MySpace

EMS now has a MySpace page. You can also find a few videos from the festival Rålektronika 2003 on YouTube.

Update August, 25: We've now got a Flickr page too! More photos and vids will come in due time, but for now you can view some pics from the Rålektronika and Lövstabruk festivals.

Rålektronika is pronounced "Rawlectronica", which is a pun on "Raw electronic" and Rålambshov (pronounced "Raw-lambs-haw"), the park in Stockholm where the festival took place.

The EAM festival at Rålambshov is arranged by VEMS (a society for composers working at EMS), and has been an annual event since 2001, although this year it moved to Långholmen, at the opposite side of Riddarfjärden in Stockholm.

(Note: We've forgotten who took these pics and vids, so if you want credit, please let us know!)


This week, Lei Yang, the curator of the Notch festival in China came to visit EMS. Notch stands for NOrdic countries + CHina. Lei Yang was in fact visiting all the Nordic countries to establish more personal contacts with people involved in electronic music. Next festival is in October 2007. We hope this will lead to more collaborations between Northern Europe and China.