25 Oct 2007

Premiere of Minnesdvärgar

There is still time (last performance 27 October) to see Minnesdvärgar which was premiered 22 October. Lars Åkerlund composed the music here at EMS. He, Johanna Ekström and Björn Elisson have collaborated several times before before. Dancers are: Anja Birnbaum, Sverre M Heidenberg, Love Källman, Sebastian Lingserius, Charlotta Öhverholm.

Martijn Tellinga

This week, Martijn Tellinga from Amsterdam is our guest composer here at EMS. He and percussionist Jonny Axelsson have a project together. We look forward to finding out more about that.


17 Oct 2007

Andrea Neumann and Sabine Ercklentz at EMS

Their visit here at EMS was short but they worked hard. They also gave a concert here at EMS which was very enjoyable. We will be seeing them again shortly as they are preparing something for Art's Birthday in January 2008.

Review in Göteborgs Posten

The earphone scene at GAS festivalen in Gothenburg 2007 got a good response in Göteborgs Posten.
Read all about it!


10 Oct 2007

Lars Åkerlund

Lars Åkerlund is busy at EMS composing the music for a new choreography by Björn Elisson: Minnesdvärgar. The premiere will be taking place on 22 October 2007 at 7 p.m. at Dansens Hus, Lilla scenen, in Stockholm. Check Dansens Hus website for full information. This is one of several productions together with the choreographer. Lars Åkerlund has also composed a great deal of music for Per Jonsson, another well-known Swedish choreographer who died in 1998.

4 Oct 2007

Diana Simpson

Autumn 2007 is proving to be a very guest-composer specked autumn as far as we are concerned here at EMS. This trend will continue after the new year, as Diana Simpson will be coming to work in our studios for a period of about three weeks. More information on that soon. We're looking forward to her visit.


Kevin Drumm

This week, Kevin Drumm spent some time in studio 4 here at EMS and some enticing Buchla sounds seeped out. He also held a seminar on Sunday 30 September, which I am told was much appreciated.