28 Feb 2008

Guest composers

The last few weeks have been very busy indeed here at EMS!
Several guest composers have been here, some of them simultaneously:
Diana Simpson, Jakob Riis, Hideki Kozakura, Robert van Heumen, Andrea Neumann, Sabine Ercklentz, Erik Bünger, John Bowers, Steven Takasugi and I hope I haven't forgotten anyone! More and more composers seem to come here from afar to work with our Buchla.

19 Feb 2008

Jakob Riis

Jakob Riis is a guest composer at EMS from 18/2 to 29/2. He is essentially working with our Buchla.

Hideki Kozakura

is a guest composer here at EMS from 15/2 to 22/2 2008. He is working together with Jörgen Pettersson on a piece called "Komponist bin ich".

Christopher Fox

Party and premiere: Wednesday 20 February 2008
Venue: Fylkingen
Time: at 10 pm

Jonny Axelsson (percussion) plays John Cage, 27'10.554" for percussion and electronic devices, and Christopher Fox, Enclosure for percussion and live electronics (this piece was partly composed here at EMS).

After that there will be a release party for Lars Åkerlund's CD VOLT (Fylkingen records FYCD 1028)!

15 Feb 2008

Stockholm New Music

The biggest Swedish festival of contemporary music, Stockholm New Music, starts on Saturday 16 February and will be featured in a number of venues. Sound artist Erik Bünger has been working at EMS on a sound installation that will be running throughout the whole festival at Kulturhuset. Read more about it.

Rolf Enström

was awarded the Manifest 08 prize for Quarks. The prize is awarded by an organisation called Svenska Oberoende Musikproducenter (Swedish Independent Music producers).

Art's Birthday 2008

The 2008 edition of Art's Birthday was a success. Read more about it and see clips!