21 Sep 2007

SEAMS seminars and webcast

Check SEAMS homepage to see what seminars you would like to go to this autumn. On SEAMS homepage you can also find the Webcast, which broadcasts electroacoustic music from Sweden on a 24/7 basis.


Martijn Tellinga

Martijn Tellinga will be guest composer at EMS in October (20-28) 2007.


20 Sep 2007

Hovs Hallar 2005 at YouTube

A short movie from the outdoor concert at Hovs Hallar 2005. The concert was part of the Båstad Chamber Music Festival. Music by Hanna Hartman, Ylva Skog, Pär Johansson, Daniel Skoglund, Jean François Cavro, Love Mangs and Erik Mikael Karlsson. Photo: Love Mangs.

13 Sep 2007

Erik Drescher and Marianthi Papalexandri-alexandri

Composer Marianthi Papalexandri-alexandri and flautist Erik Drescher will be guests at EMS between 21/11 and 5/12. Michael Maierhof will be joining them during that period as well. Project supported by Framtidens Kultur. Read article about Papalexandri-alexandri and Erik Drescher.


12 Sep 2007

ELI CompuRhythm CR-7030

Today we received a phone call from a certain Klaus in Germany who is making a documentary on human beatboxing. In fact the title of the film is going to be "Beatboxing - the 5th element of hip-hop". He asked us if we knew anybody who had an ELI CompuRhythm CR-7030 drum machine. If you are reading this blog and know anything about this drum machine, and especially if you have one, please get in touch!


6 Sep 2007

Kevin Drumm

Kevin Drumm from Chicago will be a guest composer at EMS between 29 September and 4 October 2007. He will be holding a seminar on Sunday 30 September at 5 pm, at EMS.

Read an interview with Kevin!

Kevin Drumm's visit is happening with the support of Framtidens Kultur.

Andrea Neumann and Sabine Ercklentz at EMS

Andrea Neumann is a live-electronics musician who has invented her own instrument – the Inside piano – which is what it sounds like: the amplified inside of a piano. She uses a certain amount of objects and the strings of the piano to create her own sound world. Last spring she was a guest composer at EMS and is now coming back, together with Sabine Ercklentz, on 8-17 October, with the support of Framtidens Kultur.

There will probably be a concert at some point, so keep your eyes skinned.


5 Sep 2007

British TV programme on Electroacoustic music

Mats Lindström will be interviewed for a British TV programme on electroacoustic music. We look forward to watching that!


5 October GAS festivalen 2007

A new EMS Earphone concert at Avenyn (library). Music by Johan Boberg, Amanda Glans, Daniel Skoglund, Jenny Sunesson and hard, hard Leather. Date: 5 October 2007.
Others to appear at Gas-Festivalen are Laurie Anderson and Chris Watson to name but a few.


GAS festival debate 2007

Mats Lindström, administrative and artistic director of EMS, will be participating in a debate in Gothenburg in connexion with the GAS festivalen. Date: 3 October.


COMA festival

On Saturday 29 September you can go to Växjö where the CoMA festival takes place annually. At 7 pm at the Palladium, you can listen to live electronics by Mattias Petersson, Fredrik Olofsson and Johan Boberg from EMS.


The European Conference of Promoters of New Music

Mats Lindström, the artistic and administrative director of EMS, is going to participate at The European Conference of Promoters of New Music at the Gaudeamus festival in Amsterdam, 6-9 September 2007.


4 Sep 2007

Research on Akos Rozmann

This week at EMS, we have the company of Gergely Loch, an enthusiastic musicology student of the Franz Liszt Academy of Budapest, Hungary. Gergely´s aim is to perform research on Akos Rozmann, one of the most prominent composers of electroacoustic music in Sweden. Akos Rozmann, originally from Hungary but residing in Sweden since the 1970s, sadly died two years ago. Up until his death, he was one of the composers who worked the most frequently here at EMS. For a long time he was an organist at the Catholic Church, where he also had his subterranean sound studio. He stopped writing instrumental music very early on as a composition student and left us a great number of electroacoustic works such as Impulsioni, Twelve stations, Images of dream and death to name but a few. His music is strongly emotional, and the richness of the compositional material has in most cases led to long gripping developments, leaving the listener both shaken and stirred. Mass, first performed in 2004 at the German Church in Stockholm, is several hours long and it took five days to perform it in its entirety. Apart from the music we know, Rozmann left a considerable amount of tapes, diaries etc. which we are delighted to know that Gergely Loch is going to study while preparing his PhD. This will be time well spent.