27 Mar 2008

EMS Playlist at DEGEM

If you tune in to
www.degem.de/webradio and select Radio button A you will find the first of two programmes featuring Swedish electroacoustic music. The second programme is due soon.


18 Mar 2008

EMS on Facebook

Those of you who haven't abandoned Facebook yet might be interested to know that EMS now has both a Facebook profile and a page.


3 Mar 2008

Johannes S. Sistermanns

Johannes Sistermanns is guest composer here at EMS. He will be here until 14 March, 2008. Johannes S. Sistermanns is the vice-president of DEGEM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik), by the way. DEGEM, like SEAMS/EMS/Royal College of Music Stockholm, run a webradio.