14 Jan 2009

Happy 2009! …?

What will 2009 have in store for EMS? This is the big question at the moment as we are waiting to see how our beloved institution will be affected by the major crisis at Concerts Sweden (Rikskonserter), under which we are a department since the mid nineties. It may mean staff cuts, which would be very unfortunate, in a time when we are actually expanding work-wise more than ever. More and more composers from all over the world are interested in coming here to work. Those who have been here say they love the atmosphere and find working and composing here very easy (that's because we really do our best to make them feel comfortable!). Over the past few years, our connection to the Norberg festival has grown and we are already looking forward to the summer. The archive project where Arkivet för Ljud och Bild (i.e. the department for audiovisiual media at the Swedish Royal Library) is a strong partner. That's just a few of all the projects in which we are involved. Keep your fingers crossed for us and don't hesitate to show your moral support!