29 Apr 2009

Early EMS history

Sanne Krogh Groth who is conducting research on the early history of EMS presented a paper at the Electroacoacoustic Music Studies Network International Conference in June 2008.


Jiménez, Galiana, Bjelkeborn

Inside3. This Spanish/Swedish music was performed at Fylkingen in Stockholm Sweden 21st april 2009 by Thomas Bjelkeborn (left) on laptop and wii controllers, Josep Lluise Galiana (middle) on Saxophones and Gregorio Jimenez (right) on laptop and interactive gadgets. This is the last 3 minutes of this 40 minute Suite composed during a residency at EMS in Stockholm.


Letters and other types of documentation relating to EMS were moved to Musikbiblioteket (the Music Library in Stockholm) yesterday and will be available for research in due course.