3 Dec 2008

François Bayle's visit in Stockholm

The hall was packed with students on Friday November 21 2008 at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where François Bayle held a seminar (the title being ...mes images). Mr. Bayle spoke for three hours non-stop (almost) spell-binding his audience.
On Saturday 22 November a concert was given at Fylkingen to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Fylkingen. All pieces were by François Bayle and dedicated to various collegues and friends who are now dead: Arc pour Gérard Grisey, Ombres blanches (Théâtre d'Ombres -2), omaggio a L.Berio, L'Oreille étonnée en salut à Olivier Messiaen, Inventions à Pierre Schaeffer in memoriam, Univers nerveux à Karlheinz Stockhausen in memoriam. Again, the hall was packed with people and the atmosphere concentrated. For many, this was a longed for occasion!