21 May 2008

Sound workshop for children

We have just had sound workshops for children here two days in a row. EMS received a total of 100 children aged 6-9 (luckily divided into groups of 11-13 or so) for a workshop led by Ida Lundén. The sound workshops are always a great success and it was wonderful to see all the children's happy and delighted faces as they discovered the powerful sounds and effects they could achieve with the various synthesizers and weird instruments that Ida had brought. Ida is an experienced music teacher and each lesson with her is well thought-out, filling the 45 minutes to the brim. There was never a dull moment and the children didn't once lose focus or were bored. At the end of each lesson, the children got to perform a mini concert. All of them did very well and took their mission seriously; and they all produced very different things. It is clear that electronics and electroacoustic music should already be taught to this age group in the music schools!

8 May 2008

Bas Kalle

Bas Kalle from Holland will be guest composer at EMS 11-16 2008.

6 May 2008

Electronic workshop for children

On 20-21 May 2008 EMS will be having a workshop for school children. Ida Lundén, live-electronics composer and musician, will be running a workshop for several school classes. This year, pupils from Engelbrektsskolan and Wasaskolan will be benefitting from these workshops.