18 Aug 2007

EMS at Lövstabruk

Love Mangs, Lars Höjerdahl and Pär Johansson in Lövstabruk
Artists from EMS and IDKA participated in an outdoor concert in beautiful Lövstabruk in Northern Uppland, Sweden on August 11, 2007. The concert was arranged by Pär Johansson, Love Mangs and The Lövstabruk Cultural Society, and featured works by Thomas Bjelkeborn, Lars Höjerdahl, Pär Johansson, Love Mangs, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Irène Sahlin, Per Samuelsson, Conny Skoog and Johan Sundberg.

(From left to right, Love Mangs, Lars Höjerdahl and Pär Johansson. For more pictures, please click the image to visit IDKA:s website! You can also view some pictures from Lövstabruk at Flickr.)

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